Top EJuice Brands


The many brands of e juice on the market these days can certainly make choosing the one best for your needs difficult. Long gone are the days of tobacco and menthol flavors. Today e juice comes in some of the most exotic flavor choices you could imagine. Want the taste of Kentucky Bourbon? Prefer tasty chocolate? You got it. To save time and headache, take a look at some of the top e juice brands being sold today.

  • Five Pawns: Made in California e juices are flavorful and filled with just the right amount of nicotine. Retail locations and an online store offer several different e juice flavors and collections. Popular flavors include Grandmaster and
  • V2: V2 has a long reputation of providing high quality ejuices in exciting flavors like cherry, menthol and others. The brand is affordable, offering a price of about 60 cents for one pack.
  • Vape Dudes: Not only do they have a cool name, Vape Dudes also has some pretty awesome ejuice flavors. Blue Honey is one of the brand’s most popular flavors. It certainly offers a great throat hit and nice flavor.
  • Juicy eJuice: Juicy eJuice is made in both the USA and Canada. The brand has been around for quite some time now, providing vapers around the world with fulfilling juices at great prices. Take your pick of more than 68 flavors, including fruit punch, pina colada, orange cream and many others.
  • Halo: Another top e juice brand is known by the name of Halo, and with just one taste you’ll truly believe you’ve found your e-cig angel. Halo produces all of their eliquids in the USA, each with a Cobalt blue bottle that seals in the flavor. Speaking of flavor, you’ll appreciate the never-ending selection of e juice flavors offered by the brand. You’ll never grow tired of trying new flavors out. King’s Curse, Malibu, Menthol and Strawberry are among the most popular flavors offered from Halo.

The Best E Juice Brands Around

When choosing an e juice, make sure that you do your homework first. While the brands listed above are among the best, this list is far from complete and many others are also available. If you are going to vape, why not make it an unforgettable experience? With just a bit of time and research, you’ll have the very best ejuice your money can buy!